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Scrum... Before you go into what a software of this category is and its usefulness, it is important to answer the following question: what is the Scrum methodology? Well, this concept refers to a process in which a set of practices are applied on a regular basis to work collaboratively. The north of the Scrum methodology is to get the best possible result from a project. Specifically, it is catalogued as a kind of agile and flexible methodology. Indeed, it is an evolution of agile management or agile project management. The Scrum methodology focuses on performing the most valuable functionality for the customer first. It also focuses on principles such as continuous inspection. Also in adaptation, self-management and innovation. Likewise, this type of methodology allows the client to connect with the project at all stages. It makes it possible for me to see it develop step by step. Likewise, a methodology such as this allows us to rethink the actions proposed throughout the development of the project. This is how the main goal is achieved. This is because it allows the introduction of functional or necessary changes. Another characteristic that defines this methodology is that it enhances motivation. Likewise, it promotes the commitment of the team that carries out the project. In fact, it stimulates creativity. The Scrum mode allows the professionals involved to unleash their talent.

Scrum Software: What is it about?

In the software world, within the category of agile project management, there are those focused on the Scrum methodology. They are usually used in projects developed in contexts of uncertainty that may require changes along the way. While software focused on the Scrum methodology is often associated with software development, it also serves to carry out objectives and processes in other business sectors. Indeed, Scrum tools can be used in many production environments. In fact, they are used by various organizations, from marketing agencies to construction companies. Especially when it comes to managing projects, Scrum software has a good reputation. They are recognized for maximizing the return on investment of a company or what is known as ROI (return on investment). Today, not for nothing, many of the best project management software include some features to follow a Scrum type structure. They incorporate elements such as pending jobs and iteration planning functions.