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Showcase: Grow your business with a simple application that makes it easy to display your product in the field and removes catalogues the size of textbooks and brochures stacks.

Create your own product catalog. Showcase product catalog displays display product names, descriptions, images, item codes, prices, and a convenient “add to order” button for each item. You can tag items, create favorites and comparison tables, and suggest related items or sales materials.

Take orders in the field and offline. Transact at the point of sale faster and more accurately than ever before. Create a quote to email your customer, or place an order and synchronize it with your company's database. Even if you don't take field orders, you can use the Showcase Customer Module to track customer information.

Upload, manage, and share marketing and sales material. The media library functions as a bookshelf and player for marketing and sales material: brochures, case studies, testimonials and videos. Push or change them as often as you want. You can even disable access to materials that no longer match your strategy.

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Gestión de precios
Publicación de bases de datos

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What do you think about Showcase?

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