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TOP 10 Social Impact Measurement Software


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Social Impact Measurement Software

Social Impact measures the change over time of actions that aim to improve a given social situation. Therefore, the indicators that aim to quantify the effect of these actions on society will depend on the variables to which this change is intended.

The software designed to measure social impact, aims to simplify the process of capturing, analyzing and representing the data according to the social variables in which a change is sought. In this sense, the fundamental characteristics of this type of software are focused on the capture of online information, a bank of social indicators to model according to data, methodologies for calculation and representation and interpretation of impact results.

These solutions are oriented to adapt according to the objective to be pursued, and since before it was thought to be a matter only of government agencies, it has been the focus of attention for companies that increasingly bet on social responsibility, as a task of all actors.

The Social Impact Measurement software is a solution that facilitates the understanding and capture of the impact of actions for social development.