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Solutionreach is a cloud-based system designed for dental practice management. This system is aimed at small, medium and large specialty offices. Among its main features are appointment scheduling, patient access, reminders, patient education and marketing practice.

There are also other key features offered by this great system: preventive and follow-up reminders, newsletters, online reputation management, patient satisfaction surveys and reviews.

Solutionreach is a platform that can send personalized reminders via text, email or phone. Each user can design surveys using templates and questions and distribute them at the end of each patient visit or when immediate feedback is required.

With PatientReach mobile, each patient has the ability to send messages and images to providers via a fully HIPAA compliant platform, as well as make appointment requests and make payments. Internships can customize your mobile page with the addition of backgrounds, office photos and links to social networks.

As for support, it is provided by email and online case submission. There are other useful help options such as knowledge base, forums, webinars, eBooks, and videos.

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What do you think about Solutionreach?

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