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Chatbot... Before defining what it is, you need to answer the question: what is a bot? A bot is an artificial intelligence software created to perform some tasks on your own. Specifically, so-called bots have the particularity of not requiring the help of human beings. Hence, its usefulness for specific functions in order to facilitate actions for companies A bot is software that allows you to make, for example, a reservation in a restaurant. They are also the ones that allow you to define a date in the calendar. Other companies use it to capture and present data to users.

Chatbot: What is it about?

Now, the most popular model of the bot is the chatbot. This is a chat robot. The chatbot is able to simulate a conversation with a person. They give automated answers to your most common questions or doubts. For this reason, it is increasingly common to see how they are present in messaging applications. Over time, chatbot, as a computer application based on artificial intelligence, has become a preferred tool for companies, as they are an alternative way to manage customer service. Although initially only chatbots existed in English, it is now possible to use them in different languages. For those who speak the language of Cervantes, there is the chabot in Spanish.