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Statistical Analysis

What is a specialized software in this field? Commonly, this concept identifies those computer programs focused on solving problems in a secific area of statistics.

These computer solutions are cataloged within the category of mathematical software. In addition, there are programs that are not necessarily statistical. But they fall into this denomination, because they are able to make calculations of applied statistics.

Undoubtedly, the so-called software for quantitative analysis are presented in a wide range. They can be found from the simplest to the most complex. They are also found from software with general functions to software that can accomplish specific tasks.

Statistical Analysis Software: variety of solutions for quantitative calculations.

Spreadsheet programs, for example, are often identified as software for statistics. They can perform quantitative analyses. They also help to solve certain advanced procedures. Even some universities use a group of these statistical programs with the intention of handling a certain range of analytical procedures.

There are also solutions in this category that, on the contrary, are specialized, very specific in their functions and serve to manage a particular type of analysis. Among the most advanced programs of this type are those that have the ability to work with large databases. These solutions can provide a simple interface for most analyses. These software are popular with universities and professional researchers.