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IT Support... Before addressing the features and functionality of a software in this category, it is important to answer the questions: what is IT support? What is IT service management? IT support, technical support, or technical support corresponds to a service area designed to provide support to users regarding a requirement. This may be a problem or concern about a product or service (hardware or software). IT support is framed in the management of IT services. Also known as ITSM, an acronym for IT Service Management, IT services management is a set of procedures framed in a strategic approach to design, programming, management and improvement processes in which information technology (IT) is employed within an organization. This type of management should be able to align IT support with company requirements. In addition, it is essential to consider the benefits that the end customer will have in all this. IT service management should also focus on existing “best practices”. These practices include those dictated by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) or the enabled Service Capability Model (EScm). Consequently, IT support is also governed by these regulations in its nature. Likewise, as dictated by the correct management of IT services, IT support not only encompasses the choice of an appropriate management methodology to manage the resources of pure technology (equipment, systems, etc.). It should also include trained personnel, more proactive than reactive. At the same time, it is key that these staff have cutting-edge ITSM IT tools that simplify and enhance every step they take.

What is IT support software?

IT support software must be a cost-effective, reliable, scalable solution. Such a tool should be able to be used by agencies and companies. A IT support tool must be able to be used to simplify, streamline and empower processes. These include handling issues, service requests, and problems. Also changes in customer and line of business support tasks. In addition, such programs must be ITIL compatible. The use of an IT support IT tool helps to define roles, roles and responsibilities of work teams and their members. This allows everyone to understand and assume their role to improve the overall work. A wide range of IT support software can be found on the market. There are those that demand license payment, free, open source, with trial versions and those that are developed exclusively for a company. To choose the most appropriate IT support tool, it is key to consider that it must be a solution capable of responding to the characteristics, requirements and resources available to the company.