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Time Management Software

Time management software (also known as timesheet software) automates the process of tracking employees on and off hours, attendance, schedules and paid free time. These systems allow companies to monitor employee time and analyze labor costs per project.

Time management solutions are usually offered as stand-alone products (includes time tracking and support management functionality) or accounting software integrations (facilitates payroll calculations based on total time worked; incorporates this information into financial reports).

Different types of Time Management Software

There are many types of working time management software:

  • Time, attendance and absence management software:
    This software collects information from signing clocks and card readers to automate real-time tracking of each employee's attendance. For companies whose employees work with technological devices there are solutions that allow collecting this information without the need for prior investment in hardware. Once all the data is collected, some of these software are also able to calculate the elements linked to the variable part of the remuneration. Thanks to these systems, the management of overtime and the calculation of commissions and premiums is simplified.

  • Activity or task time management software:
    This type of software is very useful to carry out a thorough analysis of each employee's working time. You can know the time spent on each activity or projects, or even, the time spent on each client. In this way, in addition to understanding the dynamics of work, the profitability of the projects can be evaluated.

  • Employee Scheduling: 
    Schedule shifts based on employee availability and project priority. Schedules can be synchronized with the employee's choice calendar (for example, Google Calendar, Outlook).

  • Time and attendance management:
    Let employees book/track their attendance and record specific inbound and outbound times, eliminating the need for manual calculations before entering data into your accounting/payroll system.

  • Hourly employee tracking:
    Calculate the total number of hours worked using input and output functionality. Users can record this information using biometric and other electronic time-capture methods.

  • Sick Leave Tracking:
    Allow employees to submit sick leave requests, which are sent to managers for approval.

  • Vacation tracking:
    Provide a portal for employees to record paid holidays and leisure time requests, which are sent to managers for approval.