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Weje Whiteboard is for anyone who looks for a place for team collaboration: freelancers, startups, SMEs, educators, agencies, and enterprises.


Weje is an online whiteboard platform that helps you bring together content from multiple sources onto a single screen, providing context to a topic or business process. Weje gives you a blank zoomable canvas and a set of tools filling it, and makes it a breeze to collaborate, develop, share, and present your work. You can do brainstorming and build mindmaps, manage projects and activities by defining tasks and keeping them on Kanban boards, discuss ideas live and iterate on sprints as a team.

Whether you use a template or start from scratch, Weje gives you an infinite whiteboard space and a set of tools that let you add text, audio messages, doodles, freehand drawings, shapes, arrows, tables, and other elements, upload files, move into presentation mode, start an audio channel, access the board history, and more. You can pull in media from other apps to display, whether it's Google Docs or YouTube videos, and view projects from all angles, from big picture to down into the details.

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Acceso móvil
Alertas y notificaciones
Debates y foros
Gestión de contenidos
Gestión de documentos
Gestión de la comunicación
Gestión de proyectos
Gestión de tareas
Herramientas de colaboración
Uso compartido de archivos

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Mobile Access
Chat Team
Creating Documents
Document Management
Management notes
Project Management
Management Task
Collaboration Tools
File Sharing

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educational software tutorial system

Assigning mentors
Definition and target tracking
Event Management
Management fundraising
Management objectives
curriculum Management
Mentoring Program Management
Appointment Scheduling
Tracking Task
Tracking progress

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Alerts and Notifications
Creation of Reports
Admissions Management
Teachers and Personnel Management
Student Portal
Study Programs Management

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What do you think about Weje Whiteboard?

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