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TOP 10 Work Order Management Software


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The Work Order Management Software are systems that were designed to improve the service of technical assistance and maintenance allowing to keep control of work orders, in regards to: date, customer, observations, deliveries, data of the work object, for example: article, brand, model and more, depending on the type of orders and the type of administrative business area.

The most important functions of this useful program are the following:

  • They allow to manage, monitor and even automate service requests to ensure a resolution within the agreed time frame.
  • Not only does it achieve the relevant results and accelerate the flow of cash, they offer satisfaction by generating new revenue opportunities.
  • They allow sending orders of technical assistance at distances in response to the alerts of errors that can be read, automating work orders in case of failure alerts is a primary benefit of these programs.
  • Increase productivity by maintaining a clear order in precise and timely work assignments.
  • Record the modification of work order data sorting the list according to the criteria preferred by the user.
  • You can sort the list by any data in the work order Filtered by the specified information. You can filter by customer, date, O.T. Number, item, make, model, or delivered Yes/No Prints reports classified by Item, Brand, Delivered Yes/No and also allows you to specify a date range Backup function Font and Paper Size Settings Customization of 3 fields of work order information. That is, you can change the label to reflect other information instead of Item, Make, or Model.